Martha M. Smith

To Whom It May Concern:

I have resided at a property managed by Steve Margolis for twenty-five years. Steve’s wise counsel and dedication are the reasons Island View has remained financially sound and a highly-desirable community in which to live.

Steve is consistently responsive to the needs of our residents. He receives inquiries and ideas warmly and respectfully. His judgement is proven and his style is gentle but decisive. Steve encourages resident involvement and the community is always well informed. Whether managing a large project or small, Steve is fair, open and honest. I believe Steve is a man of the highest integrity and he has earned my trust. Having this confidence in him brings me great peace of mind.

Several years ago I spent some time as a member of our condominium board. I observed that every resident of the community believes their issues and needs to be the priority. A skillful manager is able to satisfy each individual’s need to be heard while making decisions in the best interest of all. Steve Margolis is a skillful manager. Our community has been enriched by his expertise and leadership.


Martha M. Smith