M.C.C. Eleish

Mr. Paul Frank
Haviland Arms Condominium

Dear Mr. Frank,

Having been an owner of unit No. 9 in the Haviland Arms Condominium building at 94 Washington Street, South Norwalk, CT for a long time, the issue of good management of the building has always been of particular concern to me. Thanks to the Board’s excellent choice of Mr. Margolis’s firm, this concern of mine has been very well dealt with.

Because of his devoted and excellent management skills, my husband and I felt it appropriate to convey to the Condominium Board our great satisfaction with the management services of Mr. Margolis, who has not only responded to our calls for help or questions with utmost speed and effectiveness but has always come up with the best solutions.

Finally, may I suggest for the consideration of the Condominium Board, that a paragraph of thanks be addressed to Mr. Margolis and his management team in the coming annual report of the Board. Furthermore the Board may wish to send a copy of our letter to Mr. Margolis if such an action falls within its regular procedures.

Yours truly,
M.C.C. Eleish