Request an Insurance Certificate

For purposes of obtaining insurance certificates for activities such as refinancing, selling a unit, or needing coverage information, you may contact the insurance company specific to your association.

Your Association Insurance Company Contact Number
Bishop CourtMBI Co.203.281.2853
Branford BusinessGreening & Abercromie203.239.3395
BoxwoodNationwideMike Silverberg, 203.245.4311
Currier RidgeBouvier, Beckwith, & Lennox800.357.2000
Dover CourtThe Pawson Group203.481.8898
East Shore VillageBouvier, Beckwith, & Lennox800.357.2000
First MeadowbrookBouvier, Beckwith, & Lennox800.357.2000
Fountain CourtBouvier, Beckwith, & Lennox800.357.2000
Haviland ArmsPawson Group203.481.8898
Hoffman CourtPawson Group203.481.8898
IslandviewBouvier, Beckwith, & Lennox800.357.2000
MewsPawson Group203.481.8898
Pond HollowAnderson-Krause203.488.6386
Sturbridge CommonsBouvier, Beckwith, & Lennox800.357.2000
Walden IIIPawson Group203.481.8898
Whitney CourtGreenburg, Rhein, & Margolis203.389.4511